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One of the most important aspects you will learn as part of Qigong is relaxation. Relaxing is important to activate the body's healing response. Relaxing means to let go of tension and stress that is held in the body. It also means to let go of … [Read More...]

Living In Balance

From a Qigong point of view, illness can occur in the body when there are energetic imbalances. When Qi (energy) is either stagnant, blocked or weak, illness may follow if the imbalance is not corrected. Practicing Qigong can help to balance and … [Read More...]

Book Review “Relax Your Mind”

I have written many times about how relaxation is an essential part of our Qigong daily practice.  In Qigong, when we talk about relaxation, we mean relaxation of both the body and the mind. It is very difficult to relax your body if your mind is not … [Read More...]

Unseen Force

There are unseen forces all around us. There is gravity, electric, magnetic, and nuclear forces to name a few. We experience these in everything we do. Can you imagine what would happen if gravity was suspended? We would just fly off the planet. … [Read More...]

Tips To Avoid Holiday Stress

It is that time of year when a lot is expected of us to make the holidays perfect for everyone. We often sacrifice our sanity and endure a lot of stress to make it happen. Don't let the holiday season stress you out. Here are some tips that I hope … [Read More...]

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