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Book Review “Relax Your Mind”

Relax Your Mind Ebook

I have written many times about how relaxation is an essential part of our Qigong daily practice.  In Qigong, when we talk about relaxation, we mean relaxation of both the body and the mind. It is very difficult to relax your body if your mind is not relaxed. Once we master relaxing our mind, then relaxing the body comes easier.

Since relaxation is important when it comes to healing and preventing illness, I decided to write an entire book on the subject. It is basically a practical guide to "Relax Your Mind". In my new book entitled "Relax Your Mind", I describe simple and effective meditation techniques for relieving stress and relaxing or quieting a busy mind.

Have you ever been lying in bed and your mind was racing and you couldn't stop it? And it prevented you from going to sleep? It happens to most people from time to time. Perhaps this has happened to you when you were trying to meditate. We get stressed out and overwhelmed and our mind can take over if we don't understand how it works and how to train it to our advantage.

In "Relax Your Mind", I cover stress and how it affects both the body and the mind. You will learn what a stress response is and how to stop it. You will also learn what a relaxation response is and how to induce one to relieve stress. I discuss how the mind and the subconscious mind work. I discuss simple techniques and practices for relaxing the mind, including living in the present moment, abdominal breathing, focusing the mind, calming the mind, and retraining the mind. I also go over visualization. And finally, I put the techniques together in a very specific sequence into a ten-minute relaxation meditation.

If you experience chronic stress and you find it difficult to tame your mind, then this book is a must-read for you. These are the same techniques that I use regularly to relax my mind. These techniques came about from my previous trainings and my own need to reduce stress and calm my mind. I have benefited tremendously from these simple techniques and I know you can benefit from them too.

The book is available ebook format (pdf, the pdf reader is free to download from Adobe, I will provide details on how to get it) initially. Also, there are some incredible bonuses like the audio version of the book (mp3 format), a "Relax Your Mind" workbook (also in pdf format), and other great bonuses. And I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the price considering all that you will get. I'm excited to bring this step-by-step information to help you along your life journey. Click this link to learn more and get started to "Relax Your Mind".

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Tips To Avoid Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress

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It is that time of year when a lot is expected of us to make the holidays perfect for everyone. We often sacrifice our sanity and endure a lot of stress to make it happen. Don't let the holiday season stress you out.

Here are some tips that I hope will help to bring balance to your holidays.

1. Don't sacrifice your health. If you exhaust yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically, then you will be of no use to anyone. Instead, put yourself first. Eat healthy, drink plenty of purified water, and get plenty of rest.

2. Remember that it is a joyful time of giving. The gifts are not the most important thing. Just being with your loved-ones is the most important thing.

3. Remember to be thankful for all of the abundance in your life. Sit quietly and take note of the people and things in your life that you are grateful for.

4. Don't forget to breathe. Take a break and sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply into your abdomen. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly.

I hope you have a joyful and stress-free holiday season. Email me or add a comment and let me know what you are thankful for. I am thankful for all of the readers and students of Inner Vitality Qigong. I look forward to working with you in the coming year.

Best Chi Wishes,
Inner Vitality Qigong

Qigong Benefits

If you are wonder what the benefits are for practicing Qigong, then you have come to the right place. Did you know that there are studies that suggest that between 70-90% of doctor's visits are stress related [1]. If that is true, then stress is an epidemic. Stress causes many issues in the body, including suppressing the immune system and digestion, hypertension, and many others. Also, U.S. Health care cost are about 17% of GDP or $2.7 trillion [2]. It's staggering. This means that it costs about $8,508 per year per capita [2]. Of course if you have any major issues that requires hospitalization, it could be much, much more. Now here's the good news. Qigong classes are low-cost and effective at reducing stress and improving your health, which will inevitably reduce medical costs.

Qigong Benefits InfoGraphic

So how does it work? Qigong practice relaxes the body and the mind. It opens the energy channels in the body, which improves the energy circulation to the organs and the entire body. Through practicing Qigong, you can build more energy in the body. And overtime, Qigong practice will improve your physical body condition.

For more information about Qigong Benefits, check out our article, “The Benefits of Practicing Qigong”.


Inner Medicine

In Qigong, we often talk about developing our inner medicine. This inner medicine cannot be easily seen, but you definitely know when you have developed it to be strong and active. “Dan” in Chinese means elixir or medicine. One of the major forms of Qigong that I practice is called Inner Dan Arts Qigong. It could be called “Inner Medicine Arts Qigong”. This inner medicine is the Qi that you develop in your energy centers as a result of practicing Qigong (exercises and meditations).

When your inner medicine is strong, it will protect you from stress and illness and you will feel healthy and vibrant. With consistent practice of Qigong, energy blockages are released and the Qi flows easier through the energy channels in your body. This Qi flow nourishes your entire body. The major forms of Inner Dan Arts Qigong are standing form, movement forms, breathing form, and meditation forms. Each form depends the power of your mind and visualization.

Mental concentration is important to let go of busy thoughts and distractions. This allows us to just “be” in the present moment. This mind power is necessary to relax both the mind and body. As we attain deeper relaxation with practice, the energy channels open wider and allow more Qi to flow where it's needed in the body. We learn to connect with the energy in the universe that constantly surrounds us to build our own internal energy. Then we can guide the energy with our minds to the places in our body that are in need of healing. This is why we refer to Qigong as a self-healing technology. So I invite you to take a journey to develop your own inner medicine and take control of your health and your life. With consistent practice, you can develop your inner medicine and realize your full life potential and inner vitality.

Click here to learn more about Inner Dan Arts Qigong.

10 Tips To Reduce Stress

1. Create a realistic plan for perceived stressful events ahead of time. Being prepared can take the edge off of stressful situations. For example, if you are doing some public speaking, either prepare an outline of your speech or write out your speech word for word. If you are traveling, print your itinerary ahead of time and leave plenty of time for rush-hour traffic.
2. Get plenty of rest. Getting enough sleep will allow you to be refreshed and focused on the situation at hand. Eight hours of sleep is optimal. If you have difficulty falling asleep, just count your breaths. This will calm your mind and you will be sleeping in no time.
3. Exercise regularly. Exercise is a great way to burn off stress related hormones in the body. Exercise will also increase your energy and endurance, which will help you to handle physical stress more easily.
4. Participate in some mindful activity like Qigong, meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi or prayer. Mindful activities allow your mind to take a break from the mental chatter and stress. They will help you to focus your mind, which will allow you to handle stressful situations easier.
5. Eat healthy well balanced meals daily. Never skip a meal. Skipping meals can lead to low blood sugar. It is difficult to deal with normal situations, let along stressful situations when your blood sugar is low. Low blood sugar can make you confused, moody and weak. Eating three regular healthy meals a day with some snacks in between is best.
6. Cut down or eliminate all refined foods and beverages. Stay with natural and whole foods with minimal processing. Foods that are processed typically have all of the nutrients stripped away. Then the manufactures add salt and fat to make them taste better. Don't fall for this gimmick.
7. Engage in laughter as much as possible. Don't take life too seriously. Take a break and do something fun now and then. Watch a comedy with family and friends. Laughter activates healing and feel-good hormones in the body. These counteract the effects of stress.
8. Spend time with loved ones. Doing things with loved ones always makes you feel connected and loved. Sharing little moments as well as big planned events. Let them know you care. This will reduce the effects of stress.
9. Breath deeply into the abdomen. Abdominal breathing relaxes and energizes the body. It also massages the internal organs. Do this routinely to relax and prevent the effects of stress from building up in the body and mind.
10. Don't take on too many responsibilities. If you feel overwhelmed, say no. You must take care of yourself before you can take care of others. Learn to say no if you are already extended. Speaking your truth will keep you from running yourself into the ground. True loved ones and friends will respect you even more for being honest.
11. Here's a bonus tip. In the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Have a mind that is open to everything and attached no where.” Let go of all expectations and judgments and just live in the moment. If your mind doesn't expect it to be stressful, then it won't be. Normal stress is typically a product of an overactive imagination based on fear. Let go and let God, as the saying goes.

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