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"Imagination is the beginning of creation.
You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."

- George Bernard Shaw

Mind Power for Healing

The effectiveness of your Qigong practice and your ability to heal is directly related to your mind power and the amount of attention you put into your practice. Qigong trains you to enhance your mind power and healing capacity. So what exactly is mind power? Mind power refers to your ability to focus your attention on the task (exercise, meditation) at hand, being totally present in the now.

For the purpose of healing, you need to focus your mind power inwardly. That is, focus your mind inside your body to the area that is in need of healing. As I have been taught by my Qigong teachers, your mind can't heal your body if it isn't in your body. That means you need to focus your attention inside your body. If your mind is wandering all over the place and focusing on what you want for dinner, or what your family is doing, or what you need to accomplish at work tomorrow, you will not have the mind power for self healing. Actually, you should focus fifty percent of your attention inside your body, and fifty percent on connecting to the Universal energy (Healing Qi Field) and bringing the energy inside your body. Conceptually it's easy, but it is often difficult for many to put into practice.

So you may be wondering how can you train your mind power for self healing? How can you use your mind power for activating healing Qi inside the body? The most powerful technique I have learned for self healing is visualization. There are many visualization components to Qigong that activates healing Qi inside the body. Thus, imagination and repetition are keys to unlocking your healing potental. The more attention and concentration you give to self healing through Qigong, the more powerful your self healing ability will be. As we were so kindly reminded by our Qigong teacher at the healing retreat I attended, Don't worry about how much you feel it, ask yourself how much attention are you putting into it. How much are you practicing?

And as you visualize, imagine the perfection that you want. Don't get caught up in focusing on what you don't want. And do not focus on all the conditions needed to get to where you want to be. Just imagine the perfection as if you already have it. For example, if you have an a pain in your elbow, close your eyes and focus your mind's attention on your elbow. Visualize or imagine the universal energy penetrating deep into the elbow and surrounding the elbow. It could look like a white or golden light. Visualize a perfect elbow that is healthy, strong, and capable of effortless movement. You can apply this technique to almost any area in need of healing. By learning Qigong, you will learn effective ways of training your mind power for self healing. Accept the issues that you have, but see the perfection and you will create the conditions you focus on. This is why Qigong is a creative science. It is not a cause and effect science. So now if someone asks you how to turn on the flow of healing Qi within their body, you can tell them by using their mind power.

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