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"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony."
- Thomas Merton

Living In Balance

From a Qigong point of view, illness can occur in the body when there are energetic imbalances. When Qi (energy) is either stagnant, blocked or weak, illness may follow if the imbalance is not corrected. Practicing Qigong can help to balance and restore proper energy flow. There are many reasons for getting out of balance. Here's a few: improper diet, improper breathing, not enough rest, too much exercise, strong emotions, etc. Anything that is excessive can lead to imbalance.

One way to understand balance and imbalance is to study the science of Yin and Yang. Yin is a characteristic that is feminine, dark, cold, inside, mental, etc. Yang is a characteristic that is masculine, light, hot, outside, physical, etc. The best way to balance your health and life is to balance Yin and Yang. If you sit too much (too yin), then you can find balance by doing more exercise (yang). If you are too mental (yin), then being more physical (yang) will help you become more balanced. If you are physically exhausted from exercising too much, then you will benefit from much rest (yin).

Qigong brings balance when movement forms (exercises) are balanced with quiet forms (breathing and meditation). Movement forms help to open energy channels and detoxify the body and restore proper energy flow. Quiet forms relax (yin) both the mind and body allowing the body to release tension (yang). Both of which allow the energy of the body to flow more freely. Both movement forms and quiet forms help to build energy in the body, improving the condition of energy depletion or exhaustion. As demonstrated by the following symbol
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referred to as the Yin/Yang Symbol, Yin and Yang are opposites that when balanced, live in harmony. The parts in black represent Yin and the parts in white represent Yang. The nature of Yin and Yang is to seek balance. Thus, if there is too much Yang, Yin will emerge to balance the Yang. If there is too much Yin, then Yang will emerge to balance the Yin. Thus as shown by the symbol, there is always a little Yin, in Yang and there is always a little Yang, in Yin. An example of this is that if there is a physical injury (yang), the body automatically increases blood flow (liquid is yin) to bring about healing and restore balance. By practicing Qigong on a daily basis, you will bring more energetic balance to your body and as a result, improved health.

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