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"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Intentions Form Chi Fields

Hurricane Sandy has affected a lot of people on the east coast. The destruction is tremendous. Our hearts and prayers go out to all affected. With that said, staying stuck in the destruction and repeating the sorrows and regrets will not help anyone, including yourself. You may be thinking that is the compassionate way, to extend feelings of sadness to those affected by "bad" events. However, this type of support does not provide any power or help to those affected. Providing negative thoughts and intentions only contribute to building a negative pattern or field of energy that not only weakens yourself, but also weakens others.

In Qigong, thoughts good or bad directed towards a common intention create energetic patterns that form what is called a Chi (Qi) Field of the intention. These energy patterns can either strengthen you or weaken you. So extending any sentiment that has a negative tone will actually immediately weaken the muscles in your body. And not just your body, but those around you and ultimately everyone in the Universal Chi Field, which encompasses everything. And extending any thoughts or words that have a positive tone will actually strengthen the muscles in your body. This has been proven through the field of Kinesiology. Kinesiology is also known as muscle testing. While holding one arm out to the side, if you think a negative thought or a false thought, your arm will be weakened and will be difficult to resist if someone pushes down on your arm. And if you think something positive or empowering, your arm will be strong and it will be easier to resist as someone pushes down on your arm. There is a great body of research by a medical doctor, Dr. David Hawkins, that has proven this. He has described his research in his book, "Power vs Force".

So now you may be asking, how should I respond to those going through, what they view as, a difficult time? Since visualization is powerful, first get a picture in your mind of the person doing well or having an empowered outcome. There is a Chinese word "Haola" (pronounced, how la) that means "All is well and so be it". It is a word of not just wishing a person well, but transforming any situation to wellness. It is more that just a statement, but it is an intention, backed by millions of people that know of its meaning and use this intention daily. It has a powerful Chi Field that, when expressed, will strengthen you and others around you. So you can greet the person with Haola. It is like extending a powerful blessing to the person that can literally change their situation in a positive way and strengthen them. You can also extend Haola in silence. I learned about Haola from Qigong Master Mingtong Gu of the Zhineng (Wisdom Healing) Qigong tradition. As Master Gu often recommends, you can dedicate your own daily Qigong practice to the healing or the positive benefit of those going through difficult circumstances. Haola!, Haola!, Hoala!

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