Vital Qi Newsletter December 2013

Instructor's Corner

Once again its the season of giving. A special time of giving gifts and spending time with the family. However, it's easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out with all the planning, preparations and expectations. So I invite you to give yourself the gift of relaxation. During this holiday season, periodically take some time for yourself to relax and unwind. Relax with a cup of tea. Sit back and enjoy some relaxing music. You could energize yourself with a simple relaxation meditation. And that is my gift for you. Keep reading below, to learn more about a "Simple Qigong Relaxation Meditation" and my special gift to you. Have a happy holidays and a happy new year.

Qigong is a great way to reduce the effects of stress and improve your health. I have benefited from many different forms of Qigong. You can experience similar benefits too. The purpose of the Vital Qi Newsletter is to bring awareness to Qigong and to inform you of Qigong classes and products available at Inner Vitality Qigong. We also intend on covering other natural health related topics. We look forward to working with you and growing together as we cultivate inner vitality through the art of Qigong. Please feel free to share this newsletter with family and friends.

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Lessons from the Tao Te Ching

While I had gone through the Tao Te Ching chapters in order previously, I want to deviate from this order to present one of my favorite chapters. That is Chapter 10. The reason that it is my favorite is because it captures a spirit that I believe represents the spirit of Qigong. It starts with rhetorical questions that we can use to examine our life and Qigong practice. You may know that there are many translations of the Tao Te Ching (a.k.a. Dao De Jing). Each translation brings a slightly different interpretation based on the authors perspective and experiences and the words they use. This translation is my favorite, but is incomplete. And, I have yet to identify the translator.

You can read more about the Tao Te Ching here.

Chapter 10 (partial, translator unknown)

"Can you calm your mind from its wandering
   and sense the unity of the ONE?
Can you cultivate your life force and
   sustain the flexibility of a newborn with no cares?
Can you refine your inner vision and
   perceive the natural inner radiance of your eternal being?

Lao Tzu

Simple Qigong Relaxation Meditation

In the spirit of giving, I am giving you a free relaxation meditation track, which is part of our Beginning Qigong Meditation home study kit. As I stated in the Qigong Meditation article, "Relaxation itself improves the flow of Qi in the body, since the restrictions to flow, like tension and pressure, are released." The "Relaxation Meditation" will guide you to relax your body and to let go of tension.

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We encourage you to share this gift with friends and family and invite them to join you in your daily practice. And don't hesitate to share your experiences of this meditation or other Qigong experiences either on our blog or by sending us an email at I look forward to hearing from you. Have a happy holidays and a happy new year. Haola! Haola! Haola!

      Words of Wisdom

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present."

- Babatunde Olatunji

Qigong Tips

Sit down, close your eyes, relax and visualize yourself as big as the Universe. Imagine your energy body as big as the Universe. Imagine yourself connected to all of your hopes and dreams. Yes they are within your reach.

Qigong Meditation

Qigong Meditation is an aspect of Qigong that emphasizes a quiet and inner focused practice. Qigong Meditations are also referred to as Qigong "quiet forms". Qigong meditation utilizes relaxation, breathing, and visualization techniques. Relaxation is a corner-stone of Qigong meditation. Meditation provides the means for relaxing the body and the mind. Relaxation itself improves the flow of Qi in the body, since the restrictions to flow, like tension and pressure, are released. In addition, once the mind is relaxed, it is better able to direct Qi in the body to areas that are in need of healing. One example of this form is called "Running Qi". As stated by Qigong Grandmaster Tianyou Hao, "The mind leads the Qi, the Qi follows the mind".

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Qigong Classes

Beginning Qigong Meditation
Smile Meditation
Inner Dan Arts Qigong
Qigong Home Study Kits

Being of Service

More severe weather has devastated regions in the US and other countries. Recently, Typhoon Haiyan has caused major destruction to the Philippines. Millions of people have been displaced and are without shelter, food, water, and much more. Things most of us take for granted. Aid is arriving, but they will need lots of help to rebuild their lives. The rebuilding process is long and challenging for families, businesses and entire cities. Those affected depend on the generosity of others to help them during these trying times. Together we can make a difference, one person at a time. Being of service to others in need lets them know that they are not alone. It lets them know we care. Not only does our service touch people's lives in a positive way, but it is also healing for ourselves as well. There are so many ways to be of service, like donating money, time, clothing, etc. One way to be of service is by opening your heart and your wallet and donating to the "American Red Cross". They are on the ground providing support around the world. There is so much need. Please donate today. You can make a difference.

Click here to make a donation to the "American Red Cross" ...

Qigong Wellness Coaching

We offer Qigong wellness coaching for those that would like assistance creating a healthy lifestyle and integrating Qigong into their daily routine. Click here to learn more about the Qigong Wellness Coaching. Qigong basics will be taught for those that don't have previous training. Coaching can be provided in person, over the phone or online via Skype.

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