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Contact Info
Inner Vitality Systems, LLC
Northeastern Ohio

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"If you're gonna make a change, you're gonna have to operate from a new belief that says life happens not to me but for me."
- Tony Robbins

Healing Chi Field

We may not under why there is so-called "bad" or "evil" acts in the world. However, it is within each of us to make a change that will uplift humanity. It works individually, but its effects are expanded collectively. This is how our individual chi field and the collective Healing Chi Field works. As Gandhi said, "We must be the change we want to see in the world". And according to Jesus, "Even the least among you can do all I have done and even greater things". So while we mourn the loss of so many, to senseless violence, we must not get trapped in a fear based mentality. We must visualize and exemplify inside our hearts and in the face we show to the world, that we are well, we are love, we are compassion, we are kind and generous. It starts for each one of us with "I am". Share this positive "face" to your family, friends, neighbors, clerks, officers, to everyone.

We sometimes get caught up in daily life and become numb. The numbness start because we are in pain emotionally and physically. The inner dialogue becomes negative; first to ourselves, then to others. It is in this numbness that unconscious and undesirable acts are born. When we become unconscious, we lose our conscious awareness and our ability to choose what we want. Then we default to not liking what we get in this unconscious state. So the power that comes with learning Qigong is learning to be conscious, even when things become difficult. Then we don't lose the power, we don't become numb and we can see and make positive choices to change our circumstances. In the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, we must "Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing" and "Contemplate being surrounded by the conditions you want to produce". See struggles as learning experiences. Look at difficult moments as a challenge to deepen your belief in yourself and strengthen your character. This is how Healing Chi Fields are made, one person at a time.

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Qigong Classes

Let us help you improve the quality of your life. Qigong can help you to relax and increase your energy level. Try it today. Private classes available upon request.


Qigong Wellness Coaching

Do you need help improving your health, and/or getting started incorporating Qigong into your life? One or more Qigong Coaching sessions can help you to identify the best approach for changing your life and improving your health. Your first session is free, so there's nothing to lose.