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Instructor's Corner

Spring is a time of awakening, purification and growth. It is a time that energy is peak within our purification system, called the liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Qigong. It is a good time to detoxify the body and the mind and prepare for increased energy and movement.

Qigong is a great way to awaken and detoxify the body and the mind and increase the movement of energy to improve your health. I have benefited from many different forms of Qigong. You can experience similar benefits too. The purpose of the Vital Qi Newsletter is to bring awareness to Qigong and to inform you of Qigong classes and products available at Inner Vitality Qigong. We also intend on covering other natural health related topics. We look forward to working with you and growing together as we cultivate inner vitality through the art of Qigong. Please feel free to share this newsletter with family and friends.

How to get started?
If you live in the northeastern Ohio area, you can sign up for our in-person classes. Private classes are available upon request. If you cannot attend our in-person classes, you can purchase one of our Qigong Home Study Kits and learn Qigong basics in the comfort of your own home. Click here to learn more about the classes offered or to get one of our Qigong Home Study Kits.

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Lessons from the Tao Te Ching

In Chapter 5, I believe the The Tao Te Ching refers to "Heaven and Earth", as nature or life. It looks at all things and living beings impartially or without judgement. The sages or wise ones are also impartial or without judgement. This means that if we, not just sages, let go of judgements, we will become wise too. Life constantly creates and is never exhausted. To try to understand and put into words, these mysteries of life, will not capture its essence.

You can read more about the Tao Te Ching here.

Chapter 5
Heaven and Earth are impartial,
  They regard myriad things as straw dogs
  The sages are impartial
  They regard people as straw dogs

  The space between Heaven and Earth
  Is it not like a bellows?
  Empty, and yet never exhausted
  It moves, and produces more

  Too many words hasten failure
  Cannot compare to keeping to the void

Lao Tzu
Translation by Derik Lin and source from

Words of Wisdom

"A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

- Albert Einstein

Movement Is Important to Health and Well-being

The universe is mirrored in our body. By observing the world around us, we can see how important movement is to our health and well-being. The fundamental nature of the universe is movement and expansion. The earth revolves around the sun. The sun revolves around the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Electrons revolve around the nucleus of an atom. The one thing that is in common with these movements is energy. The movement and transformation of energy makes these movements possible. What is true for the planets and galaxies is true for our own lives. It is the transformation and movement of energy that keeps us alive. When energy movement or flow in the body ceases, our body dies. When physical movement ceases, our physical body withers away and dies. We breathe in oxygen and transform it into energy that we use for basic functions of life. All biological functions of the human body require movement, otherwise the body would die. Energy must circulate, blood and lymph must circulate, the heart must beat, the lungs must expand and contract, waste and carbon dioxide must be moved out of the body. These are facts that make life possible.

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Qigong Tip

Practice Qigong out in nature as often as you can. It is especially energizing to practice in a place like in the woods with a lot of trees and other green vegetation. Feel a sense of connection to all living things before beginning your practice whether it is exercise, breathing or meditation. Let go of all thoughts and just be in the present moment. It is liberating, energizing and relaxing.

Qigong Wellness Coaching

We offer Qigong wellness coaching for those that would like assistance creating a healthy lifestyle and integrating Qigong into their daily life. Technology makes it possible for you to experience one-on-one coaching no matter where you are in the world. Click here to learn more about the Qigong Wellness Coaching. Qigong basics will be taught for those that don't have previous training. Coaching can be provided in-person, over the phone or online via Skype or Google. We look forward to serving you and helping you to acheive your highest potential.

Being of Service

Together we can make a difference, one person at a time. Being of service to others in need lets them know that they are not alone. It lets them know we care. Not only does our service touch people's lives in a positive way, but it is also healing for ourselves as well. There are so many ways to be of service, like donating money, time, clothing, etc. One way to be of service is by opening your heart and your wallet and donating to the "American Red Cross". They are on the ground providing support around the world. There is so much need. Please donate today. You can make a difference.

Click here to make a donation to the "American Red Cross"...

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