Vital Qi Newsletter December 2014

Instructor's Corner

This is a special holiday edition. Once again it is the season of giving. I believe that giving and being of service to others are two of the major purposes of life. I am pleased to give you three special gifts. The first gift is a video of inspirational quotes that I like to call "Words of Wisdom". The second is an article on a breathing exercise call "Cleansing Breath". The third is a discount of 50% off our Beginning Qigong Meditation home study kit. Continue reading below to learn more about these special gifts. It is my purpose and passion to share Qigong and natural health information with as many people as possible. I hope you enjoy these gifts and I hope you all have a very Happy Holidays! Haola! Haola! Haola!

Qigong provides many tools for training the mind, reducing stress and increasing energy to improve your health. I have benefited from many forms of Qigong. You can experience similar benefits too. The purpose of the Vital Qi Newsletter is to bring awareness to Qigong and to inform you of Qigong classes and products available at Inner Vitality Qigong. We also intend on covering other natural health related topics. We look forward to working with you and growing together as we cultivate inner vitality through the art of Qigong. Please feel free to share this newsletter with family and friends.

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Special Holiday Offer

50% Off Beginning Qigong Meditation Home Study Kit

Beginning Qigong Meditation Home Study Kit In this season of giving, it is our pleasure to offer you 50% off our Beginning Qigong Meditation Home Study Kit and all Home Study Kits. Use coupon code GIVING50 at checkout to get the discount. This discount is only good for a limited time.

Learn Qigong meditation techniques to relax your mind and body and increase your energy level. You can learn in the comfort of your home. You can immediately download the eBook and guided auto program to begin your practice.

This home study kit includes:

  1. A guided audio program. Format: mp3*.
  2. eBook Instruction manual that includes Qigong background and step by step instructions for each meditation. Format: pdf*
  3. Two months of email correspondence with Qigong Instructor.
  4. One hour phone consultation session with Qigong Instructor.
  5. Digital format for immediate download:
    • *Digital - digital format; immediately downloadable following purchase (.zip file that includes eBook in .pdf format and guided meditation tracks in .mp3 format).
Click here to learn more about this and other home study kits.


Words of Wisdom

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."
- Mother Teresa

Words of Wisdom Video Here's a video of some words of wisdom and inspiration for your Qigong practice (over six minutes). Qigong is not just about exercise and meditations, it teaches lessons that can be applied to all aspects of our lives. While it does help to condition are body, its real power comes from the conditioning of our mind. It teaches the ability to relax and focus our mind. Yes, the mind needs relaxed perhaps more than the body. For instance, if you are stressed, then your mind needs to be relaxed. Click here to learn more about the importance of relaxation.

Are you interested in learning Qigong? If you said yes, then check out one of our home study courses. Click here to learn about our home study courses.

I hope you enjoy the video. I recommend that you take one of the quotes and meditate on its meaning and contemplate how you may apply its wisdom in your practice and your life. Enjoy!

Click here to watch the video now.

Featured Article

Cleansing Breath

The Cleansing Breath is a breathing exercise to cleanse and energize the body. It will also help you to calm your mind. Have you ever felt tired and stressed in the middle of the afternoon? The cleansing breath will help you to relax and feel energized. It's easy to learn and only takes five to ten minutes daily or whenever you could use a pick-me-up.

Click here to learn the Cleansing Breath, breathing exercise.

Qigong Practice

Qigong Tip

Qigong teaches us to absorb and utilize the Universal Qi that is all around us. It is sustaining and healing. Open your mind to the world of the unseen. We naturally and constantly exchange energy with the universe because that is the nature of living. We can enhance our experience of this energy (Qi) with our mind and our daily Qigong practice. Open your mind to the energy that is everywhere, outside of the body and inside the body.


Qigong Wellness Coaching

We offer Qigong wellness coaching for those that would like assistance creating a healthy lifestyle and integrating Qigong into their daily life. Technology makes it possible for you to experience one-on-one coaching no matter where you are in the world. Click here to learn more about the Qigong Wellness Coaching. Qigong basics will be taught for those that don't have previous training. Coaching can be provided in-person, over the phone or online via Skype or Google. We look forward to serving you and helping you to achieve your highest potential.


Being of Service

Together we can make a difference, one person at a time. Being of service to others in need lets them know that they are not alone. It lets them know we care. Not only does our service touch people's lives in a positive way, but it is also healing for ourselves as well. There are so many ways to be of service, like donating money, time, clothing, etc. One way to be of service is by opening your heart and your wallet and donating to the "American Red Cross". They are on the ground providing support around the world. There is so much need. Please donate today. You can make a difference.

Click here to make a donation to the "American Red Cross"...

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