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"Wisdom begins with wonder."
- Socrates

Conserve Your Energy

One of the goals of Qigong is to save and conserve one's energy. We have energy stored in the energy centers and vessels of the body. It is also circulating in the meridians throughout your body. The choices we make can mean the difference between having abundant energy and losing more energy than we should. Of course we use energy to do the things in life that we want. But why expend it unnecessarily. So what are the ways that we waste our Qi (energy)? We waste Qi when we get too emotional, too stressed out, and by over exerting ourselves. We also waste Qi by not sleeping enough, over eating, over thinking, and having too much sex. There are many more ways to waste Qi.

In general, we waste Qi when we are unbalanced. If we learn how to balance our life, then we will stop loosing Qi unnecessarily. That is why we study the principles of Yin and Yang (see previous article for explanation - Living in Balance). If we are too yin or too yang, we get out of balance and our body and mind expend energy trying to compensate. If you are too hot, you will expend energy to perspire and cool off. If you sleep too much you will not feel refreshed. In a way, it is common sense. So the next time you feel depleted and exhausted, observe your life and find out what is out of balance. This will be the cause of you loosing your energy. Once you are aware of it, then you can correct it.

We can also give too much of our energy to others. You may be tempted to help others so much, that you become exhausted. This is not a help to yourself or others. So balance in this case may come in the form of setting some boundaries for yourself and knowing when to say no. It's like they tell you in the airplane safety explanation before a flight, if the oxygen mask drops, put your own mask on first, before helping others. Once you learn to recognize when you are giving away too much energy to others (out of balance), then you will know it is time to give yourself the attention you need to re-balance and rebuild your Qi. Otherwise, if your low energy becomes chronic, it could lead to a more serious condition.

This is why Qigong is great for preventing issues. If we take time out of our busy schedules to practice Qigong daily, before we help others, it's like putting on our oxygen mask first. If you don't take care of your health first, then you won't be effective at helping others. Even five minutes can make a difference. Of course with more practice comes more benefits and not only conserving Qi, but also building more Qi. And ultimately, exchanging more Qi with the Universe. It can be so easy. For example, try doing abdominal breathing the next time you are waiting in line at the store or any place. Conserving Qi is the first step to a healthier you.

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