Vital Qi Newsletter June 2013

Instructor's Corner

Welcome to the Vital Qi Newsletter. I hope you enjoy this edition of the Vital Qi Newsletter. Summer is a time of peak yang energy of the year. It's also the time of peak energy of the heart. It's a time of peak activity and change. Life changes more rapidly during the summer. How do you deal with the rapidly changing world in the summer? For some, summertime is fun and full of adventure and for others it can be quite stressful. If you see it as the later, stressful, then it may be time for you to fine tune your mind and perceptions. This can be accomplished by learning relaxing and mindful techniques that develop your mind power. Consistent Qigong practice does just that. It teaches one to relax both the body and the mind. It teaches one to let go of negativity and resistance and to live in the moment. It teaches one to take responsibility for the thoughts and images in our mind because they have a direct effect on our health and life.

Qigong is a great way to reduce the effects of stress and improve your health. I have benefited from many different forms of Qigong. You can experience similar benefits too. The purpose of the Vital Qi Newsletter is to bring awareness to Qigong and to inform you of Qigong classes and products available at Inner Vitality Qigong. We also intend on covering other natural health related topics. We look forward to working with you and growing together as we cultivate inner vitality through the art of Qigong. Please feel free to share this newsletter with family and friends.

How to get started?
If you live in the northeastern Ohio area, you can sign up for our in-person classes. Private classes are available upon request. If you cannot attend our in-person classes, you can purchase one of our Qigong Home Study Kits and learn Qigong basics in the comfort of your own home. Click here to learn more about the classes offered or to get one of our Qigong Home Study Kits.

What's New?
In the spirit of transformation and evolving towards our highest expression of life through Qigong, I am pleased to announce that our new blog is now active. Check it out and let us know what you think by leaving your comments. You may also tell us about any topics or classes you would like us to cover. Click here and check out our new blog today. Check back often for more additions that we will be making to the new blog in the coming months.

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Lessons from the Tao Te Ching

The Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing) is an ancient Chinese text that was written around the 6th century BC by Laozi (Lao Tzu). Its wisdom and ideals can be found in many aspects of Qigong. Tao (Dao) means "the Way". Te (De) means "virtue". Ching (Jing) means "canon" or "classic". It consists of 81 verses or chapters. It is my goal to present a new verse in each newsletter. There are many translations and, therefore, I will just focus on one.

You can read more about the Tao Te Ching here.

Chapter 1
The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao.
  The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
  The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth.
  The named is the mother of myriad things.
  Thus, constantly without desire, one observes its essence.
  Constantly with desire, one observes its manifestations.
  These two emerge together but differ in name.
  The unity is said to be the mystery.
  Mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonders.

Lao Tzu
Translation by Derik Lin and source from

10 Tips for Healthy Living

1. Eat whole and unprocessed food.
There's a lot a talk in the diet communities about counting calories. Remember that not all calories are created equal. Processed foods are void of any nutritional substances. Then to make them taste better, salt, saturated fats, sugar and other sweeteners are added. What's more important is to eat whole unprocessed foods like vegetables, fruits and grains. They are the source of nutrients that we need like vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other phytochemicals. Your hunger will be satisfied with nutrients and your cravings for junk food will go away. This is a much better approach to eating than the typical or Standard American Diet (SAD).

2. Drink purified water. Don't drink tap water.
Recent studies have shown that there are all kinds of pharmaceutical drugs in our water supplies. One way this happens is by people flush medications down the toilet. Another way this happens is by people throwing them in the trash.

Click here to read more Tips for Healthy Living.

      Words of Wisdom

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Qigong Tips

The most self-less act you can do for the world is to take care of yourself first. You cannot take care of others when you are feeling ill, stressed or too emotional. Take a moment everyday to reflect on your need to be healthy, balanced and centered.

Living with Change

Life is constantly changing. So it is important to live from a place of center and balance. We often look at change as difficult or stressful. Fear of change often takes us on a detour in life that is not desired and is avoidable if we just accept it as a journey of self-discovery.

Resistance just gives more power to the change we prejudged as difficult and unwanted. Resistance is a sign that we are acting out of fear. Change requires flexibility. Rigidity is a sign of death.

Click here to read more about Living with Change.

Qigong Classes

Beginning Qigong Meditation
Smile Meditation
Inner Dan Arts Qigong
Qigong Home Study Kits

Being of Service

A lot of severe weather has hit this planet hard this year. People are faced with difficult times as they rebuild their lives in many countries. Some are without shelter, food, water, and much more. Things most of us take for granted. Together we can make a difference, one person at a time. Not only do we help others by being of service, but we also benefit as well. Not only does our service touch people's lives in a positive way, but it is also healing for ourselves as well. There are so many ways to be of service, like donating money, time, clothing, etc. One way to be of service is by opening your heart and your wallet and donating to the "American Red Cross". They are on the ground providing support in most communities, but especially in those communities hit hard by the latest outbreak of severe weather. There is so much need. Please donate today. You can make a difference.

Click here to make a donation to the "American Red Cross" ...

Qigong Wellness Coaching

We offer Qigong wellness coaching for those that would like assistance creating a healthy lifestyle and integrating Qigong into their daily routine. Click here to learn more about the Qigong Wellness Coaching. Qigong basics will be taught for those that don't have previous training. Coaching can be provided in person, over the phone or online via Skype. More information is coming soon.

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