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"To attain wisdom, remove things every day."
- Lao Tzu

Energy Detox

chinese character for Qi or Chi, life energy When dealing with health issues, it is not typical to talk about the need for an energy detox. Negative or non-beneficial energy needs to be released or detoxified from the body regularly. If it becomes stagnant or stuck in the body too long, it could lead to health or mental/emotional issues. Negative energies result from negative emotions like fear and stress, physical injury, exhaustion, poor diet, poor sleeping habits, negative environmental energies like electromagnetic pollution and toxic chemical pollution to name a few.

Negative energy patterns can accumulate in the body over time if we don't take care of our mental, emotional and physical aspects of our being. We should remember that we have an energy body. In a society like the one we live in today, stress is a major cause of negative energy production and energy stagnation. That is why relaxation is key to reducing our production of negative energy and detoxifying and releasing it.

So how does one detoxify or release the negative energy? Normally, energy flows smoothly in the body. The body also exchanges energy with the surroundings (Universal Qi). The body has energy gates that naturally exchange and release energy from the body. The bottom of the feet have a gate, called the bubbling springs point (really area), through which energy is exchanged with the earth. It is some times referred to as the earth gate. We can use our mind to visualize the negative energy leaving the body from these earth gates and entering the ground. The earth is great for recycling the negative energy.

There are many Qigong techniques for detoxifying negative energy including, Cleansing Breath, Organizing a Chi Field, Open Mind Meditation, Balance Standing Form, and many others. I have discuss some of these previously and I will cover others in future editions or in other areas of

Now it is important to understand that it's not enough just to detoxify the negative energy. We must seek a balance. So it is important to replace it with beneficial and healing energy. If our energy level is weak, there will not be enough energy to properly circulate throughout the entire body. So we build the beneficial energy through the practice of Qigong. We build it from our breathing, from our visualizations or mind power, and from our movements. It is part of the basic foundation of Qigong practice.

If you feel you could benefit from energy detoxification and building beneficial energy, contact me by email or phone and I can go over the different options available in our Qigong practice.

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