Vital Qi Newsletter May 2014

Instructor's Corner

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, spring is a time of purification. Just as we need to detoxify our body and remove physical toxins, we also need to periodically detoxify our body from negative energies. For details on energy detoxification, check out our new article below, Energy Detox.

Qigong provides us many tools to detoxify the body and the mind and increase the movement of energy to improve your health. I have benefited from many forms of Qigong. You can experience similar benefits too. The purpose of the Vital Qi Newsletter is to bring awareness to Qigong and to inform you of Qigong classes and products available at Inner Vitality Qigong. We also intend on covering other natural health related topics. We look forward to working with you and growing together as we cultivate inner vitality through the art of Qigong. Please feel free to share this newsletter with family and friends.

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Lessons from the Tao Te Ching

In Chapter 6, I believe the The Tao Te Ching refers to the valley spirit as a place within each one of us that never dies. It is our connection to the world beyond form, which is the origin of all things (Heaven and Earth). Female refers to its yin quality, mystical quality or metaphysical quality. Also, female refers to its motherly quality for giving birth to Heaven and Earth. This connection or gateway is always there within us, but we must be open and receptive to use it. I believe this refers to our connection to the Chi Field, which is infinite and always available. And we tap into it with our mind power.

You can read more about the Tao Te Ching here.

Chapter 6
The valley spirit, undying
  Is called the Mystic Female

  The gate of the Mystic Female
  Is called the root of Heaven and Earth

  It flows continuously, barely perceptible
  Utilize it; it is never exhausted

Lao Tzu
Translation by Derik Lin and source from

Words of Wisdom

"If you're gonna make a change, you're gonna have to operate from a new belief that says life happens not to me but for me."

- Tony Robbins

Energy Detox

When dealing with health issues, it is not typical to talk about the need for an energy detox. Negative or non-beneficial energy needs to be released or detoxified from the body regularly. If it becomes stagnant or stuck in the body too long, it could lead to health or mental/emotional issues. Negative energies result from negative emotions like fear, stress, physical injury, exhaustion, poor diet, poor sleeping habits, negative environmental energies like electromagnetic pollution and toxic chemical pollution to name a few.

Click here to read more about Energy Detox.

Qigong Tip

Remember that wisdom comes from deep inside you. That part of you connected to the Universe or the Universal Chi Field. If you seek an answer to a problem, sit in silence. Turn your mind inward, into your heart. Imagine being connected to the entire Universe. Image being as big as the Universe. Now ask your heart and the Universe, simultaneously, for an answer. Trust your connection. Persevere in seeking an answer and be open to receiving it, even if it's not the answer you are expecting. Eventually it will come.

Qigong Wellness Coaching

We offer Qigong wellness coaching for those that would like assistance creating a healthy lifestyle and integrating Qigong into their daily life. Technology makes it possible for you to experience one-on-one coaching no matter where you are in the world. Click here to learn more about the Qigong Wellness Coaching. Qigong basics will be taught for those that don't have previous training. Coaching can be provided in-person, over the phone or online via Skype or Google. We look forward to serving you and helping you to acheive your highest potential.

Being of Service

Together we can make a difference, one person at a time. Being of service to others in need lets them know that they are not alone. It lets them know we care. Not only does our service touch people's lives in a positive way, but it is also healing for ourselves as well. There are so many ways to be of service, like donating money, time, clothing, etc. One way to be of service is by opening your heart and your wallet and donating to the "American Red Cross". They are on the ground providing support around the world. There is so much need. Please donate today. You can make a difference.

Click here to make a donation to the "American Red Cross"...

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