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"Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths."
- Etty Hillesum

Relaxation Meditation

The Relaxation meditation is part of the beginning Qigong practice and is included in our Beginning Qigong Meditation home study kit. As I stated in the Qigong Meditation article, "Relaxation itself improves the flow of Qi in the body, since the restrictions to flow, like tension and pressure, are released." The "Relaxation Meditation" will guide you to relax your body, to let go of tension. I encourage you to try it once a day for a few weeks. You can listen to it more often if you want because it will only enhance the relaxation effect. You can listen to it in the morning to start the day in a calm state. You can listen to it anytime that you become stressed or emotional to calm down and relax. You can listen to it in the evening to take your mind off the worries of the day. And, you can listen to it just before bed to calm your body and mind, which will help you to fall asleep.

Relaxation helps to activate the body's natural healing ability. Over time it helps to activate the healing function of the nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous system, which enhances immunity, digestion and healing. It's amazing to think that something so simple as relaxation can have such a profound healing effect in the body. Click here to read more about relaxation from our previous article.

So now its time to get started. Click the link below to download your copy of the relaxation meditation. Practice it daily to get the benefits. In fact, make a new years resolution to practice it daily and reduce your stress level and improve your health. To get even more benefits, share it with a friend and ask them to join you. When more people practice together, the healing potential is amplified for everyone. And don't hesitate to share your experiences of this meditation or other Qigong experiences either on our blog or by sending us an email at I look forward to hearing from you. Haola! Haola! Haola!

Download the Relaxation Meditation audio file (mp3) here. Right Click here and select save as to download.

Listen to the sample tracks from our Beginning Qigong Meditation home study kit.

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