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"Look within!... The secret is inside you."
- Hui-neng

Qigong Meditation

Qigong Meditation is an aspect of Qigong that emphasizes a quiet and inner focused practice. Qigong Meditations are also referred to as Qigong "quiet forms". Qigong meditation utilizes relaxation, breathing, and visualization techniques. Relaxation is a corner-stone of Qigong meditation. Meditation provides the means for relaxing the body and the mind. Relaxation itself improves the flow Qi in the body, since the restrictions to flow, like tension and pressure, are released. In addition, once the mind is relaxed, it is better able to direct Qi in the body to areas that are in need of healing. One example of this form is called "Running Qi". As stated by Qigong Grandmaster Tianyou Hao, "The mind leads the Qi, the Qi follows the mind". Click here to read more about relaxation.

Originally, Qigong was call "Tu Na", which literally means "inhale exhale". Its focus was mainly on breathing techniques for improving one's health. As Qigong evolved, it became more complex, incorporating visualization and even exercises. There are many different ways that Qigong practitioners use breathing during their meditations. Typically, the practitioner breathes with the abdomen, thus referred to as abdominal breathing. During normal abdominal breathing, as the person inhales, the abdomen expands. When the person exhales, the abdomen retracts. This is how professional singers are taught to breathe in order to prevent straining and losing their voice. Some Qigong systems include practicing reverse abdominal breathing, which is sometimes referred to as "contrary breathing". During contrary breathing, as the practitioner inhales, the abdomen retracts and during exhalation the abdomen expands. Click here to read about the benefits of abdominal breathing.

Qigong meditation provides various techniques to visualize healing energy in the body. Visualization is the single most powerful technique to activate and tap into the Healing Chi Field. The combination of relaxation, breathing and visualization allows one to release negative energy (energy detoxification) and build positive or beneficial Qi in the body. Here's a simple meditation with breathing and visualization. Close your eyes and allow your entire body to relax. Breathe deeply into your abdomen. As you exhale, imagine black, toxic and negative energy leaving your body. Imagine the black energy leaving your limbs, your organs, your head and from your lungs to your mouth and exits your body. This will detoxify your body. Now imagine as you inhale, you inhale white light energy. Allow this energy to enter your body through your mouth and into your lungs. Then see it flowing into your blood stream and into every organ, structure and even every cell of your body. This white light energy energizes and heals your entire body. Use abdominal breathing as you do this meditation. Repeat this meditation for five minutes or more.

There are thousands of different Qigong meditation forms. A few examples include basic relaxation, Small Heaven (a. k. a. micro-cosmic orbit), Big Heaven (a. k. a. macro-cosmic orbit), smile meditation, running Qi, counting your breathing cycles, cleansing breath, and repeating a mantra. If you are interested in learning more about Qigong meditation, seek out a qualified Qigong instructor. Qigong can improve your health and your life.

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